We produce all kinds of print products for you - and at unbeatable prices. The results are guaranteed to be first-class, we have been doing this for almost four decades. We advise you with photos and texts, edit (if necessary)

Your pictures, fill the pages and take them to the printer for you. The finished printed products are then delivered directly to you. Our portfolio includes, for example, flyers, posters, postcards and rollups.


Drucksachen von Jazzsolutions

You need a flyer quickly? For a concert series, a concert, a very special event? That's where we can help, our typesetters know their way around. You provide texts, photos and ideas, we take care of the rest - and if necessary, very quickly. Created with Adobe's Creative Cloud tools.

What does it cost? Of course, it depends a little on the effort. You provide texts, ideas and (high-resolution) pictures. We're getting it into shape. For example DIN long, 98mm wide, 210 mm high, as six-sided spiral fold. We need for it only two hours, it costs you net 100 Euro plus printing costs. An exciting offer!


Plakate von Jazzsolution

Or the classic par excellence? A poster? We can help you with that too. You provide the ideas (and if there are none, we help with our experiences and ideas) and we implement them. We design for indoor and outdoor areas, in DIN and special formats. We offer them in a variety of materials. We also have suitable solutions for wet outdoor billposting. We'll take care of it.


Of course there are also postcards. You say what you want, we'll do it. Problem-free. Including print, will be delivered to your desired address. At unbeatably low prices.


And everything else, too, for example rollups. The best candidates to present your sponsors at a concert. Fits on one of those things.



Your new CD is in production, all tracks perfectly mastered? Now "only" the packaging is missing? We are happy to help. Whether the cover should be made of plastic or sturdy cardboard, which design elements are used, which colours, images and fonts are used, we will print the CD and the packaging in close consultation with you. And if you want to include a booklet, that's no problem either. Just more work. Perhaps with detailed information about the musicians and pieces? With lyrics? With many pictures of you and your live performances? No problem at all. We will discuss this with you and implement it technically so that the pressing plant has something neat to pack.


What is "merchandising"? Some simply understand it as the "marketing" of product ideas, innovations or services, in your case of good music! Merchandising often also stands for brand transfer, the transfer of the tried and tested (your band, your festival, your poster motif, your logo) to other products (for example a T-shirt). They're holding you over and carrying you to the show.

In addition to the already mentioned T-shirts, the products include buttons, pens, magnetic stickers, mouse pads, paper clips and adhesive foils. All these things are very different and we make sure that we find the right thing for you. Just give us a call and we will check with our external service providers to see what we can recommend to you.


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