We offer affordable websites for jazz players. The presence on the WorldWideWeb is nowadays a matter of course for people who want to introduce themselves and their projects. Topicality, visual and contentwise attractiveness, above all however clarity play a large role thereby.

We advise you on the photos and texts, have people who can take these two things over for you, edit (if necessary) your photos, fill the site with your information and put them online. Just call us if you need it or write us an email.


... for musicians of all kinds, formations, organizers, initiatives, labels, agencies / bookers, studios, journalists and photographers.

  • Contentmanagement-capable websites based on the "Wordpress" content management system
  • Easy-to-understand manuals for independent maintenance of web content (e.g. news and tour or event calendar)
  • Choice of several "themes" (see below) for the web layout with individual colour and font design
  • Optionally classic website structure or one-pager
  • Convenient web analysis and search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Easy linking with social networks
  • BLOGS for news, feedback and guestbook
  • multilingual website (at extra charge)
  • Simple self-service for entering and maintaining tour data
  • Integrated webshop for your merchandising sales or tickets
  • Extensive audio player functions
  • and much more...

You send us ideas, texts, pictures, logos, MP3 songs and videos. We meet or talk on the phone and discuss the design of the site(s). If you already own a domain - great. If not - no problem. We'll set one up together. Depending on the hoster this costs about 100 € per year. We will then set up the site in close consultation with you. If you are satisfied, we will arm them.

The complete construction of a new Internet presence costs between 500 and 1,000 € plus VAT, depending on its size. We calculate about one and a half to three days of our work. Usually that's enough. Special requests, e.g. multilingualism, we must nevertheless charge additionally. But there is also a manual specially tailored to your site, so that you can maintain your content independently and without a lot of time in the future.

Before the publication of your website, we offer you a small "telephone conference" as a "daredevil". You are sitting on the phone in front of a PC or notebook, you and we have "Teamviewer" running and we explain to you how you can maintain your website yourself in the future. It's not complicated. Maybe even the manual that we provide, especially tailored to your site, is enough for you. But if you don't feel like doing it yourself, we'll be happy to do it for you. Just ask us for the prices.


PUBLICJAZZ | events | The website of our network partners offers not only an attractive program presentation but also lots of information about the venues, audio samples and an easy-to-use ticket system. Newsletter plug-in, sponsor presentation and a press area for up-coming events are also included. The site was designed with the theme "Shindig", which provides default settings for "Timeline" and "Schedule".

Fjarill | the website of the Swedish folk pop band was designed with the theme "Sydney". It is multilingual, offers audio samples and videos, has a photo gallery and a calendar of events that is easy to maintain. An authorization system allows you to maintain the content yourself. And that's guaranteed without breaking anything. Above all, however, the website shines through clarity and lots of eye-catchers. No wonder with both of them.

KAHIBA die austrian-swiss formation maintains the contents of its website itself. Of course, audio samples, press area, videos and a presentation of the band are also included. However, they want to maintain the tour calendar centrally on another website, which is why we have linked the calendar externally.


The website of the jazz singer and organizer Milli Häuser from Bochum is a Two-in-One solution. Here the users find not only detailed information, audio examples, videos and tour calendars of the musician, but also all information about her activity as concert organizer of the series "Tatort Jazz". Milli maintains her website herself with great enthusiasm.

IZABELLA EFFENBERG | A sample page from Izabella Effenberg. Impressive photos make every website look appealing right from the start. Izabella attaches great importance to such photos and puts in her concert data herself and shines with press reviews and the presentation of her projects.

HEINRICH BRINKMÖLLER-BECKER | on the website of one of the outstanding jazz photographers Heinrich Brinkmöller-Becker presents his skills and his current projects in various photo galleries. An integrated archive gives the user an overview of the artists he has photographed. Of course the contact form should not be missing to communicate with him.

REGY CLASEN shows on her website what she can do and who she is. This website also impresses with its clarity and tidiness. Videos, dates, newsletters and a link to the SocialMedia are also part of it. This website also makes it clear how important good photos are.

JAZZSOLUTION.NET | Our own website shows a lot what a website must have. Graphic elements, colour design and a sophisticated multilingualism. For example, the user can switch to a different language on each page. The website is in 4 languages and presents the entire portfolio of the Jazzsolution network.

JAZZSOLUTION.NET | Jazz is our main focus. But occasionally there are artists we can't refuse. One of them is Eunhye Bading from Fankfurt am Main. She is typical of the heart, gives piano lessons - but performs regularly in various combos with friends. She asked if we could help her. We could. Here is the result.